Speech content for effective public speaking

Research speech content for effective public speaking
Research your speech content for the audience

Researching and putting together the speech content and the speech topic is the key for public speaking which seems easy! Its all there on Google right? Before getting your public speaking engagement it might be helpful to research

1.Know your audience – Depending on the audience – could be a casual gathering or an executive review . Make sure the level of research is aligned to the occasion and the audience during your public speaking engagements
2. Narrow down the points before conducting research while preparing your speech content
It’s dangerous to begin research when haven’t planned your speech because there’s a tendency to spread yourself far too thin. You may collect lots of research that can’t possibly be tied together for a coherent speech content. To avoid this, develop a clear speech outline first, and write a first (rough) draft for your public speaking occasion. Once you know the overall flow of your speech, you will be able to identify the precise areas which require research for your speech content
3.Get different view points.While one can use enough data points to hammer a point, its better to compare and contrast in the speech content. You could engage the audience with a variety of facts, quotations, and abstract theories in a manner that is coherent for the speech content
4.Lucid narrative While you can drown the audience with all facts and figures, do note that its not the facts and figures that the audience is going to takeaway – it’s the story that binds, builds that emotional connect. Make sure that the research points are well connected to support the narrative you want to build during your public speech
5 Bring the numbers to life in your speech – Make sure you convert the numbers into easy visuals that can be deciphered by your grandmother. Numbers and statistics could be boring, a sure way to loose an audience

You may find some more tips but these basics should be good enough to begin with and as you progress, researching a topic for the speech content is going to be effortless! Public speaking is a bit of everything!

Also here are a few links to great speeches by Barack Obama, Narendra Modi and Steve Jobs that were beautifully researched

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