Nail your speech delivery with these powerful techniques

Speech delivery is not about a set of words delivered to the audience, its almost like a having a passionate conversation with the audience where you are strongly building towards your purpose of the speech. Speech delivery is akin to an actor delivering dialogues in an epic scene. So lets try some of these techniques the next time you give a speech and see the difference

Feel engaged and passionate about the subject you are going to deliver. A dull monologue will put the audience to sleep! which is not what you want. Also, a generous dose of enthusiasm and energy is a good way to start your speech.

Gestures and body language : Make sure the body language is natural and relaxed. The gestures are congruent to the speech and are not forced. Imagine the speech to be an impassioned conversation that you are having with the audience. Make sure your hands are not flaying all over the place or being emphasised too much. Imagine holding a basket ball in your hands if you are confused about where to keep the hands

Build the rythm : Its always a good idea to speak a bit slower, allowing yourself some time to think – not only the words but the body language that goes with it. As your confidence picks up, the rate of speech picks up too. But this is something that needs to be avoided.Besides varying your pace of speech, the modulation, the excitment in the voice are traits that can be practised before hand

Moving on stage : This is vital to stage presence, but too much movement can be distracting. There are some thumb rules to moving on stage – like transitioning in speech, making different points of view, moving while asking questions to make the audience inclusive

Include a story in your delivery – this allows you to not only engage with the audience but also allows variations in expressions that puts both you the speaker and the audience at ease. Besides, a good story allows for some flexing of the body language both in terms of voice and physical movements.

Keep the above points in mind to deliver a compelling and memorable speech as you go about building content. Here are a few examples of using body language to deliver a great speech

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